Destin Cretton wins Ecumenical Award at Locarno Filmfestival   

The Ecumenical Jury at Locarno Filmfestival awarded the US-director Destin Cretton for his feature film «Short Term 12». A commendation is given to the swiss film «Tableau noir» (Blackboard).


The Ecumenical Jury of SIGNIS and INTERFILM awards its prize to the film


Short Term 12

 directed by Destin Cretton, USA 2013


The film tells a strong story about teenagers on the dark side of society. It addresses abuse and trauma in a direct style, outlining commitment and solidarity between the supervisors and the temporary inhabitants. Based on strong relationships the main character Grace finds the courage to deal with the troubled past and to look at a future beyond violence.


The jury awards a commendation to the film


Tableau noir

 directed by Yves Yersin, Switzerland 2013


Yves Yersin presents a moving documentary about the closing down of a school in the Swiss mountains. With strong and sensitive images he shows how to teach children to trust life –

a film of hope and joy.



Members of the Ecumenical Jury

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Switzerland) – president

Lucia Cuocci (Italy)

Piet Halma (Netherlands)

Françoise Lods (France)

Thomas Bohne (Germany)

Edgar Rubio (Mexico)


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Sunday, 18 August 2013, 10:02