«Mothers of the Gods» wins Award of the Interreligious Jury in Nyon   

Award: Mothers of the Gods (Madres de los dioses)

«Mothers of the Gods» sheds an exemplary light on the impressive spiritual search of five women trying to come to terms with the hardships of their lives while at the same time trying to share their newly gained strength with others. This film is artistically utterly convincing and tells its story in a very subtle way. Mothers of the Gods focuses rather on search than on closure which is, as we think, essential for a dialog between different belief systems.

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Commendation: Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

«Homeland» looks carefully and respectfully at the very challenging situation a family in Baghdad finds itself in shortly before and shortly after the 2nd Iraq War. The film penetrates the viewers’ consciousness and brings us close to the protagonists of Homeland. Visually we become part of their lives. The filmmaker took great risks in making the film and also saw himself confronted with a personal tragedy.


Friday, 24 April 2015, 20:33