Jury Locarno 2014   

Andreas Engelschalk (Germany) – President

Andreas Engelschalk
He worked for one year as a volunteer in the ecumenical Community of Taizé 1993 before he studied Protestant Theology in Heidelberg and Hamburg. He was then assistant in the staff of film culture of the EKD and from 1996 – 2000 and assistant in the department of protestant theology of the J.W.-von-Goethe University Frankfurt a/M. Since 2000 pastor of the Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland (EKiR), Member of INTERFILM since 1996 and member of several the Ecumenical Jurys.


Alyda Faber (Canada)

Alyda Faber
She is Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics, Atlantic School of Theology. She teaches courses in film and religion, Christian theology, and ethics. Research in the area of film: film as parable, film poetics, ethics and film, representations of violence Publications of essays on the films of Frederick Wiseman, Michael Haneke, Lars von Trier, Mike Leigh Forthcoming publication, a poem, «Berlinale Erotik» in Bitterzoet. Member of Ecumenical Juries at Montreal, Cannes and Berlin.


Blanca María Monzón (Argentina)

Blanca María Monzón
She has a BA in Philosophy. Film & Arts Critic. Independent art curator and Head of Film & Arts Dept. at Centro Cultural Borges (since 2001). Currently Head of Research & Critic Dept. and Jury coordinator at SIGNIS Argentina. Board Member of the Association of Film Critics of Argentina, Secretary and Chair since 2000. Several publications such as Erotismo y Compromiso en la estética Pasolineana. She was member of the Jury in many national and international film festivals such as Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Festival de la Memoria (Tepoztlan Cuernavaca, Mexico), Festival Cero Latitud (Quito, Ecuador), and Venice.


Milja Radovic (Great Britain)

Milja Radovic
She works within the interdisciplinary field of religion, media and culture. She has graduated in theology, and did her Master’s and PhD at the University of Edinburgh, exploring the cinematic representations of nationalist-religious ideology in Serbian film of the 1990s. Milja is member of the Edinburgh Peace Initiative and currently working on the activist citizenship, film and peacebuilding through media-arts, religion and ethics. She participated in several international conferences and was a member of a jury at film and tv festivals. Her recently published book is «Transnational Cinema and Ideology: representing religion, identity and cultural myths»(Routledge, July, 2014).


Ingrid Ruillat (France)

Ingrid Ruillat
She works for the Catholic Church in Lyon (France). Studies in international business and communication (part of them in Canada). Several jobs in the organization of festive events. Member of SIGNIS France since 2007, in association with events for movie fans in Lyon. Episcopal delegate specialized in communication for the diocese of Pontoise (2008-2009). Member of the SIGNIS jury at the Festival of Lights of Africa in Besançon.


Florin-Ioan Silaghi (Romania)

Florin-Ioan Silaghi
After several years of formation around Europe he became member of the Jesuit Order in 1993. He completed his studies in Philosophy (BA) in Padua and in Theology (MD) in Paris. After his priesthood ordination he completed from 2006-2009 the Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television production at Loyola Marymount University (School of Film and Television) in Los Angeles California. Since 2005 he is involved in a number of audiovisual productions for various domestic and foreign NGO’s in communication projects, audiovisual productions, education and formation, fulfilling all kind of positions. Since 2010 Massmedia and Communication Officer of the Jesuit Order in Romania (O.C.C.S.I) and since 2013 Vice-President of SIGNIS Romania.


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