Jury Locarno 2010   

Cynthia Chambers (USA)

Cynthia Chambers (USA)
Cynthia Chambers studied at San Francisco State University. She specialized in broadcast communications, screenwriting and filmproduction at the College of Marin, the American Conservatory and UCLA. She worked at Daybreak Productions / Universal Studios, wrote and produced a Women`s Sports segment for Viacom and an important number of scripts for broadcasting and television. Chambers is on the Board for Catholics in Media and served as a SIGNIS jury member in Venice.

Dr. Charles Martig (Switzerland)

Charles Martig (Schweiz)
Studies in theology, journalism and communication sciences, PhD in theology with a thesis on the cinema of Lars von Trier («Kino der Irritation»). He is directing the Catholic Centre for Media where he is responsible for film. Martig published numerous articles and books on theology and cinema.
He is an organiser of international seminars concerning film and theology. Member of Ecumenical Juries in Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Karlovy Vary and SIGNIS Jury in Venice.

Rev. Angelika Obert (Germany) – President

Pfr. Angelika Obert (Deutschland)
Pastor of the Protestant Church in Berlin-Brandenburg. Since 1989 in the Radio Broadcasting Department responsible for the planning and execution of all broadcasts of the Protestant Church at the public radio station of Berlin-Brandenburg. Since 1994 representative of all film related projects in the church of Berlin-Brandenburg. Member of Ecumenical Juries at the film festivals in Berlin and Cottbus. Further highlight: film selection at the Ecumenical Church Event in Berlin.

Theo Peporte (Luxembourg)

Theo Peporte (Luxemburg)
Head of Communication and Press Office on behalf of the Catholic Church in Luxembourg. Initially a teacher of religion, further on a long term commitment as media adviser for the Christian Adults Education Centre with his main focus on media education and film. He is the treasurer of SIGNIS World and a delegate of SIGNIS Europe. Peporte has been a member of the jury at the «Luxembourg Film Prize 2003», of the SIGNIS-Jury in Venice and Ecumenical Jury in Berlin.

Rev. Michael Otrisal (Czech Republique)

Pfr. Michael Otrisal (Tschechische Republik)
Pastor of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brothers Congregation in Prague. After the 1989 political changes he started pioneer work on religious broadcasting in Czech television. He initiated and directed several documentaries mostly dealing with reconciliation (in Bosnia, Israel etc). He finished recently his MA on Prague film faculty. Member of the SteerCom of the World Association for Christian Communication Europe (WACC). Member of the Ecumenical Jury in Karlovy Vary, Bratislava and Cannes.

Dr. Waltraud Verlaguet (France)

Dr. Waltraud Verlaguet (Frankreich)
Study in medicine in Giessen and Lausanne between 1968 and 1974. General Practitioner in France between 1978 and 1993. Study in theology at the University of Montpellier, PhD in 2003 on Mechthild of Magdebourg. Member of INTERFILM and PRO-FIL, Editor in Chief of «Vu de Pro-Fil». Publications (books, articles) on mysticism and cinema. Founder and President of the Film Festival «Ciné-Festival en Pays de Fayence ». Member of the Ecumenical Jury in Locarno, Mannheim, Bratislava, Berlin and Cannes.

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