Ecumenical Award goes to «Une Estonienne à Paris»   

The ecumenical jury at Locarno Filmfestival awarded the estonian director Ilmar Raag for his feature film «Une Estonienne à Paris» (A Lady in Paris). A commendation is given to the austrian film «Der Glanz des Tages» (The Shine of the Day). The jury was honoured by the presence of the director K. Zanussi invited to the festival of Locarno for the 40th anniversary of the Ecumenical Award.


The Ecumenical Jury of SIGNIS and INTERFILM awards its Prize to the film

Une estonienne à Paris (A Lady in Paris)

Directed by Ilmar Raag, France / Estonia / Belgium 2012

Through the story of two Estonian women in Paris, the director shows difficulties of life and communication between persons from the same culture, but from different stations in life. Movingly exploring the themes of loss, aging, love, grieving, giving and encountering the other, this film is elegantly shot and superbly acted.


The Jury awards a Commendation to the film

Der Glanz des Tages (The Shine of Day)

Directed by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, Austria 2012

The film tells us about Walter, an elderly man and former circus artist, who is looking for his family roots and meets his nephew, an upcoming theatre actor. The documentary form enables the audience to closely follow the two protagonists and what makes life for them worthwhile. The film shows how someone can transform the life of others by being there for the other even if it is risky.


Members of the Ecumenical Jury

Julia Helmke (Germany) – President

Guido Convents (Belgium)

Ákos Lázár Kovács (Hungary)

Gabriella Lettini (USA)

Denyse Muller (France)

Benjamin Ruch (Switzerland)





Sunday, 12 August 2012, 07:35