Ecumenical Jury Locarno 2011 is appointed   

«Yasmin», «La Neuvaine» and «Morgen» : These three arthouse movies received among others the Ecumenical Award linked to a distribution support. Since 2004 the award is combined with a prîze money of 20´000 CHF. The prize money is provided by the Reformed Church and Catholic Church of Switzerland and will be used for sponsoring distribution of the awarded films in Switzerland. With this the churches wish to support good films to make the leap from the festival circuit into the distribution channels.


The Ecumenical Jury at Locarno Film Festival 2011 consists of:

Joachim Valentin (Germany) – President

Sanne E. Grunnet (United Kingdom)

Daria Lepori (Switzerland)

Ieva Pitruka (Litvia)

Konstantin Terzis (Grece)

 Christian Wessely (Austria)


The Ecumenical Jury focuses its attention on films with a special view. It is interested in the artistic quality as well as in religious, social, and people-related questions. It looks at the visions of the creative film directors with a feel for justice, peace, and respect as well as for spiritual dimensions. At the same time it remains open for the suffering and unplumbed depths of human existence, and seeks movie experiences which give hope.



Charles Martig,, SIGNIS Jury Co-ordinator in Switzerland

Christine Stark,, Film Representative of the reformed Church in Switzerland

Sunday, 17 July 2011, 19:17