Jury Locarno 2009   

Christine Bolliger-Erard (France)

Christine Bolliger-Erard (Frankreich)
has a MA in German linguistic and literature and also in film art. She actually lives in Montpellier, where she is member of the «Festival Chrétien du Cinéma». She founded her own Association and proposes several movies workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors. In 2008 she started the first edition of the «Semaine de Cinéma Suisse». She also writes a screenplay for a fiction film.

Dr. Lucia Cuocci (Italy)

Dr. Lucia Cuocci (Italien)
has a degree in sociology and is a Journalist. She is working as producer and director for «Protestantesimo», program in public TV. She belongs to the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy. She covers the interreligious dialogue in the Middle East, especially in Israel and Palestine. She works also part time for the interfaith magazine «Confronti» and is responsible for the program office managing projects for young and adults related with the dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jos Horemans (Belge) – President

Jos Horemans (Belgien) – Präsident
followed a teacher-training course and has a degree in psychology. Jos Horemans became a teacher then director of the Catholic education of the Antwerp diocese. He is a member of the «Katholiek Filmliga» (now «Film Magie») since 1968 and the President of this association and of its regional committee in Antwerp since 1993. For 30 years, he has been writing in film magazines as an independent journalist. He became President of SIGNIS-Europe in June 2005 and was a member of the Ecumenical Jury in Locarno, Montreal and Cannes.

Dr. Stefanie Knauβ (Austria/Italy)

Dr. Stefanie Knauβ (Österreich/Italien)
studied Catholic Theology and English Language and Literature in Freiburg, Manchester and Graz. She now works as a post-doc researcher at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Centre for Religious Studies (Trento) on a project on theology, sexuality and media. Formerly a member of Signis Austria, she was a member of the Ecumenical Jury at Fribourg.

Dr. Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria)

Dr. Bojidar Manov (Bulgarien)
is a film critic and journalist, PhD, Associated Professor. He is head of the Cinema Studies Department at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and lectures at the New Bulgarian University. Manov is the author of «Theory in Cinema Image» (1996), «Digital Audiovision» (2000), «The Digital Element» (2003), «Evolution of the Screen Image» (2004). He is a member of INTERFILM, Vice-President of FIPRESCI and member of international juries at several film festivals.

Fawzi Soliman (Egypt)

Fawzi Soliman (Ägypten)
studied history, pedagogy and education. He obtained a MA in Journalism. He was working as a teacher of social science; director of Antoine Coptic College Jerusalem-Jordon for 2 years. He sponsored Cairo Goethe Institute film club for 25 years. Soliman made contributions in many newspapers and magazines in Egypt and Arab world. He is a contributor of the annual international film guide. Soliman is a member of the Egyptian Association of Film Critics and member of the Supreme Council of Cairo (IFF).

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