Jury Locarno 2013   

Lucia Cuocci (Italy)

Dr. Lucia Cuocci (Italien)

Lucia Cuocci is a journalist with a degree in sociology. Currently she works as a producer and director for Protestantesimo, the program in public TV broadcasted by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy. She covers the interreligious dialogue in the middle east, especially Israel and Palestine. She also arranges from time to time delegations and trips to different countries like Iran, Israel, Palestine, Armenia, India, Vietnam. On behalf of INTERFILM Lucia Cuocci was member of the Ecumenical Juries in Karlovy Vary and Locarno.


Piet Halma (Netherlands)

Piet Halma

Piet Halma has a broad experience in communications, broadcasting and peace keeping. He served at the broadcaster IKON and the council of churches in the Netherlands. Piet Halma was vice-president of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). He was also chair of the European television festival of religious programmes in Kristiansand, Norway 2007. Currently he is advisor of IKV Pax Christi, working for peace, reconciliation and justice in conflict areas. Piet Halma was member of the Ecumenical Juries in Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Kyiv and Cottbus.


Françoise Lods (France)

Françoise Lods

Françoise Lods belongs to the Reformed Church of France. Besides her professional engagement as a teacher of german language she is also committed to the association PRO-FIL, a member of INTERFILM. She is co-director of the Paris based PRO-FIL groupe, animating meetings of ciné-clubs in different regional sections. Françoise Lods is an organizer of cinema workshops in the region of Paris. On behalf of INTERILM, she was a member of the Ecumenical Juries in Mannheim, Leipzig and Cannes.


Thomas Bohne (Germany)

Thomas Bohne

Thomas Bohne is the deputy chairman of the Catholic film commission of the German Bishops' Conference, chairman of Landesfilmdienst Sachsen e.V., Saxony's biggest non-profit film distribution company: biannual host of Filmbesinnungstage, a movie event designed to promote religious reflection, co-hosted with Helmut Morsbach. Thomas Bohne has been several times member of the Ecumenical Jury in Leipzig on behalf of SIGNIS. Mr. Bohne is also linked to pastoral care as a member of the order of St. Phillip Neri Oratorio.


Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Switzerland) – President

Daria Pezzoli

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati studied theology and sciences of religion at the universities of Fribourg and Zürich. She works as a professor for the Study of Religion, and is director of the Centre for Religion, Economy and Politics at the university of Zurich. Her research focuses on the relation between religion and media, with particular attention for the film. She already represented SIGNIS Switzerland in the Ecumenical Juries in Locarno, Karlovy Vary and in the Interreligious Jury Nyon.


Edgar Rubio (Mexico)

Edgar Rubio

Edgar Rubio is a film critic in local and national media in Mexico. He has a Master Degree in the Humanities at the Iberoamericana University and graduated in Communication at the Loyola del Pacifico University. He did research in Film, Communication, Language and history. He was General Secretary of the National Council of Laymen, Coordinator of the Faith, Dialogue, Culture Program at Loyola del Pacifico University. On behalf of SIGNIS Edgar Rubio was a member of the Ecumenical Jury in Berlin.




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