Jury Locarno 2007   

Robin E. Gurney (United Kingdom)

Robin E. Gurney (Grossbritannien)
British journalist whose career has centered around the international life and work of the Christian churches. He worked on radio programs in Argentina in the 1960s
and for more than 20 years with the World Council of Churches
and the Conference of European Churches in Geneva.
Since retirement he has acted as the European consultant for the US-based
Templeton Foundation and initiated the European Templeton Film of the Year award.
He has a long history of involvement in film and in INTERFILM.

Julia Helmke (Germany)

Julia Helmke (Deutschland)
Pastor of the Lutheran Church of Germany with a second formation as filmcritic from the Munich School for Television and Film.
She wrote her dissertation on the history of the relationship between «Church, film and film festivals», especially on the development of ecumenical juries.
She is the head of the centre of art and culture in the Lutheran Church of Hannover and is involved in national and international ecumenical movements. She is member of the Steer Com INTERFILM and participated in several festival juries.

Jes Nysten (Denmark)

Jes Nysten (Dänemark)
Pastor in the Danish Lutheran Church in the city of Roskilde near Copenhagen
For many years Pastor Nysten has been working as a filmcritic and has promoted the use of film in the educational work within the church.
He is working for the Danish Film Institute.
Member of the SteerCom INTERFILM.
Member of the INTERFILM-Jury in Lubeck and the Ecumenical Jury in Berlin.

Thomas Kroll (Germany) – President

Thomas Kroll (Deutschland) – Präsident
Studies in philosophy and diploma in catholic theology.
He was responsible for broadcasting of catholic services at the ZDF from 1994-2001. Master of Arts with a thesis on secular mysticism concerning the film «Der Himmel über Berlin» by Wim Wenders. Several publications on the dialogue «Film and Theology». Member of the catholic film commission and member of the «Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen». Representing SIGNIS, he was several times member of ecumenical juries in Berlin and Locarno.

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Switzerland)

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Schweiz)
Studies in Theology and the Study of Religion in Freiburg/CH and Zurich. Several research programs in Switzerland and abroad.
Since 2004 she is professor for the Study of Religion at the University of Zurich where she leads a research group on «Media and Religion». Her research focuses on the ancient and the European history of religion. The link between film and religion is part of her recent scientific work.
She is representing SIGNIS Switzerland in the ecumenical jury.

Karen Merced Willner (USA)

Karen Merced Willner (USA)
Educator and Lecturer specializing in the area of motion picture analysis and media literacy. She is currently moderator for the monthly film series at the Bowers Museum, an international cultural history museum located in Southern California. Mrs. Willner has served numerous times as a juror at the Newport Beach Film Festival and occasionally assisted with background research for the Roger Ebert Overlooked Film Festival, held in the state of Illinois. She is a member of the Catholic Academy (USA SIGNIS Affiliate) and a member of the American Film Institute.

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