Jury Locarno 2004   

Florence Desmazures (France) – president

Florence Desmazures (Frankreich) – Präsidentin
Master of Arts in English and Spanish, diploma in theology (D.F.U.G.) from the catholic faculty of Lyon. Responsible for the «audio-visual board» in religious formation of the diocese Aix en Provence. Member of the ecumenical Jury at Locarno and Cannes Filmfestival.



Jean-Pierre Hoby (Switzerland)

Jean-Pierre Hoby (Schweiz)
Studies in sociology, economics and social psychology at the University of Zurich; Master of Arts with a thesis on the interdependence of education and society. Diploma in law at the University of Zurich. Scientific assistant at the federal Departement of Justice. Since 1983 director of cultural affairs of the City of Zurich, department of the Mayor.


Thomas Kroll (Germany)

Thomas Kroll (Deutschland)
Studies in philosophy and diploma in catholic theology. He was responsible for broadcasting of catholic services at the ZDF from 1994–2001. Master of Arts with a thesis on secular mysticism concerning the film «Himmel über Berlin» by Wim Wenders. Several publications on the diologue «Film and Theology». Member of the catholic filmcommission of Germany. Member of the «Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen».

Lavinia Mohr (Canada/ Great Britain)

Lavinia Mohr (Kanada/Grossbritanien)
Diploma in social communications at the Simon Fraser University, Canada. Responsible of the regional development on behalf of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). Former general secretary of Vidéazimut, international organization using audiovisual communication to foster development and democracy.


Silvia Rapisarda (Italy)

Silvia Rapisarda (Italien)
Master in theology, with a thesis on «The Christology in the American Black Women Theology». She worked for one year in a Presbyterian Church in New York in a homeless project. Pastor of a Baptist congregation in Rome. She promoted in her congregation a «cineforum» for young people. Member of the Protestant Association of Cinema «Roberto Sbaffi» in Italy.

Anita Uzulniece (Latvia)

Anita Uzulniece (Lettland)
Journalist and critic of cinema. Studies of german philology at the State University of Latvia and sciences of cinema at the film institute in Moscou. Studies and doctorate about documentary film 1969–80 in Latvia. Forum «The word becomes film» and projects on dialogue «film and theology». Member of FIPRESCI and of the Steering Committee of INTERFILM. Member of several INTERFILM and Ecumenical Juries.

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