Jury Fribourg 2015   

Michèle Debidour, France

Michèle Debidour

After studying theology and film, Michèle Debidour (*1948) became a teacher at Catholic University in Lyons. She is a film-reviewer for Signis (e-critics) and for Prier magazine. She was a member of the Ecumenical jury at Cannes in 2002 and 2010, and of the Signis jury at Venice in 2007 and 2014 and was elected a member of the Lyons Academy for Science, Letters and Art. She published many papers and two books La quête spirituelle dans le cinéma contemporain (Spiritual Seek in Today-Cinema) and Le cinéma, invitation à la spiritualité (Cinema, a Way towards Spirituality.



Rosemarie Fähndrich, Switzerland

Rosemarie Fähndrich

Rosemarie Fähndrich (*1951) studied education in religion and is engaged since 40 years in the educational and cultural field for the inhabitation of the world for the future generations, especially for the needs of young people. Since ten years she is working for the catholic relief «Fastenopfer». She is also collaborating with «Film for one world/Education 21» in Bern.



Peter Meier-Apolloni, Switzerland

Peter Meier-Apolloni

After a time as teacher in a college, Peter Meier (*1949) became a colloborator of the «School Service Third World» in Bern, an institution of Helevetas, Fastenopfer, Bred for All and Swissaid. As free-lance he produced then educational material for films around north-south.  He is member of the selection committee of the TV-workshop in Frankfurt, Traducer for «Planéte Cinéma» of the FIFF and former member of Ecumenical Jurys in Fribourg and Leipzig.


Bo Torp Pedersen, Denmark

Bo Torp Pedersen

Bo Torp Pedersen (*1950) has a Master of Arts film and media science, Copenhagen University. Former media advisor of The Christian Listeners and Viewers Association: KLF, Kirke & Medier. Former chairman and present board member and webmaster of the Church and Film association «Kirke of Film» in Denmark: www.kirkeogfilm.dk. Member of INTERFILM and of several Ecumenical Jurys like Berlin, Kiev, Cottbus and Mannheim.

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