Jury Nyon 2015   

Mirela Vasadi Blasius (Romania)

Mirela VAsadi Blasius
Mirela Vasadi Blasius (*1973) during her studies of law at the University of Oradea and sociology in Cluj also works as correspondent for BBC. She became then a TV-journalist for «Pro TV Oradea» and «Realitatea TV Bucharest» and fulfilled as reporter, producer and presenter several functions. In different Romanian TV-stations. In 2010 she wrote a script and realised the documentary To Be or Not To Be about a survivor of the Holocaust. Mirela Vasadi is member of SIGNIS Romania.


Aida Schläpfer Al Hassani (Switzerland) / President

Aida Schläpfer Al Hassani
Aida Schläpfer Al Hassani (*1970) is Founder and President of the Association «International Arab Film Festival Zurich».as well as Co-Director (with Corinne Siegrist) of the Festival. Aida pursued a degree in Art and Media Design at F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich. In 2003, she obtained a Bachelor in Film Directing from the High Cinema Institute at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Cairo. She has several films to her credit; the most recent is a documentary about the Christian minorities in Iraq. In 2013, she was the principal actress in the Film «Al Haj Nejim» directed by Amer Alwan. She also attended several festivals as jury member including the FIDADOC in Agadir


Marc Wehrlin (Switzerland)

Marc Wehrlin
For twenty years Marc Wehrlin (*1948) was a lawyer active in the cinema and audiovisual media, with a strong emphasis on the cultural aspects of filmmaking and film distribution. He was counselling and chairing different national and international film organisations and working as an expert for the Swiss government and the Council of Europe. From 1995 on he was responsible for the cinema in the Federal Office of culture and later acting as its Deputy director. Actually Marc Wehrlin is chairing the Board of Trustees of the Swiss Film Archive (Cinémathèque Suisse).


Daniel Wildmann (Great Britain)

Daniel Wildmann
Dr. Daniel Wildmann (*1962) is a historian and film scholar. He is the Deputy Director of the Leo Baeck Institute London and Senior Lecturer in History at Queen Mary, University of London. His research areas are Modern German-Jewish History, The history of the Third Reich, the history of the Body, The history of Masculinities, and Film, Antisemitism and Emotion. Daniel Wildmann is currently working on a new project entitled A history of visual expressions of antisemitism, emotions and morality. This project, using Germany as an example, will investigate visual products such as postcards, films and TV productions since the silent movie era.



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